[Cocotb] Contribution Guidelines and Issue Cleanup

Philipp Wagner lists at philipp-wagner.com
Fri Dec 7 11:07:26 CET 2018


Hooray! cocotb has now a well-documented contribution process. Its goal
is to speed up the development process by removing as many bottlenecks
as possible. Please find the full document here:

It's no secret that there is a significant backlog of work in the cocotb
GitHub project, both in terms of issues and in pull requests. It would
be fantastic if we could clear up this backlog and give feedback to the
many great ideas lingering around in the issues and PRs (and to close
issues and PRs which are not relevant any more).

As discussed in the call a couple weeks ago a joint effort could help us
getting this backlog reduced.

- If you have time please tag existing issues and PRs with the new
tagging scheme as it is outlined in the contribution guidelines. Please
open an issue if you find problems with the tagging scheme so we can get
those problems resolved quickly.

- To jump-start the backlog-reduction process we agreed on having a
"hackathon." Some of us could meet in person, others can join remotely.
Cambridge was proposed as location as it seems to be convenient for
many, but that's not set in stone so far.
Tomasz, would you mind creating another Doodle poll for this event?

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the discussion so far, it's
fantastic to see so much enthusiasm around cocotb!


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