[Cocotb] Integrating Cocotb with existing UVM testbench

ram desi ram_desi at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 14 02:51:43 CET 2019

Hi,I am a newbie to Cocotb. I am very much interested in the potential it offers. However, I'd like to integrate Cocotb with existing framework that we already established at work, which is UVM based.I was able to compile the Cocotb .so libs and load them during vcs compile of a testbench. I created a dpi call from top.sv (our top level which instantiates the DUT) which wraps a call to vlog_startup_routines_bootstrap() in VpiImpl.cpp. When I run the simulation, I see just the registration and Python interpreter messages during start. However I don't see any callback (gpi_embed.c).  So Question:1. Can I use Cocotob in this fashion: 2. In standalone Cocotb example tests, say adder/tests, where is DUT instantiated.3. Besides just the registration of vpi callbacks, what else do I need to do.4. When does Cocotb invoke the python test ? And how does it determine the path to it ?
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