[cocotb] Cocotb 1.4rc1 is available for testing. We need your help with it!

Philipp Wagner mail at philipp-wagner.com
Tue Jun 23 15:09:18 CEST 2020

Hi cocotb enthusiasts,

The first release candidate of the next version of cocotb, cocotb 
1.4.0rc1 is available for testing.

You can download this version from PyPi as usual, e.g. with

pip3 install --upgrade "cocotb==1.4.0rc1"

Go to https://docs.cocotb.org/en/latest/install.html for full 
installation instructions.

Please go and test this pre-release with your code and in your 
environment. Cocotb works with many simulators in many environments, 
many of which we don't even have access to.

Please report back your test results, even if they are successful, by 
filling out a short feedback form at https://forms.gle/qLCNRPwrgYmV2Tyr7.

Release notes can be found at 
The 1.4.0 release will contain a huge amount of changes which have been 
developed over the last half year. I'm sure the release notes will have 
something good in there for all of you.

If nothing unexpected comes up in testing we plan to release the final 
version of cocotb 1.4.0 within the next two weeks.


on behalf of the cocotb maintainers

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