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Philipp Wagner lists at philipp-wagner.com
Sun Feb 7 14:34:49 CET 2016

Hi all,

good news: librecores.org went live! As a first step, we focused on 
documentation content. How to get started? What licenses are there? 
What's going on in the community? To answer the last question, we've 
also setup a Planet LibreCores, a blog aggregator. Find it at 
http://librecores.org/planet, or subscribe to the feed in your feed 
reader. Also let us know if there are blogs you'd like to see added.

As announced previously, we (Julius and Philipp) were also present at 
FOSDEM in Brussels. We announced LibreCores in our main track 
presentation "Digital Hardware Design: Why is it still so hard?", where 
I also discussed the three HDL workflows (simulation only, FPGA targets 
and ASIC targets) and how those workflows can be accomplished with only 
FOSS tools, where free (as in beer) tools are needed, and which parts of 
the design flow are currently unreachable by hobbyists.

In the end I had also the honor the announce The Open Corps, a project 
by Chris Higgs and Stuart Hodgson of cocotb fame to provide a 
Travis-like continuous integration (synthesis/testing) experience for 
HDL projects. They're currently looking for beta testers, so get in 
touch with them if that sounds interesting to you -- I'm personally 
extremely excited about that project and see it as a major missing piece 
in the FOSSi environment.

Find the presentation slides at http://bit.ly/1TMbe7K, I hope the videos 
will be available soon as well (I heard there have been some recording 
troubles during the first part of Saturday, let's hope we're not affected.)

Julius and I also attended other great talks, especially in the EDA 
Devroom, talked to many people and in general had a great time. I hope 
you felt the same if you were there -- if not, there's always a chance 
to go next year.

Talking about next year, what's our plans for the coming time?

First and foremost, LibreCores is not yet where we want it to be. The 
project repository part is still missing, and there's also more room for 
content. So that will be #1 priority.

But you can help! I've just published the sources of the librecores.org 
site to a public github repository. Check it out at 
https://github.com/librecores/librecores-web, contribute where you feel 
things are missing, and open a pull request! The repository also 
contains various scripts and a Vagrant-based development setup that 
should you get started easily without reading through a 100-page 
prerequisites document. Give it a try and let us know if there are any 


Am 28.01.2016 um 09:17 schrieb Stefan Wallentowitz:
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> Hi all,
> we are steadily advancing with both defining our roadmap and bringing
> FOSSi forward. I recently posted an update on our website:
> http://fossi-foundation.org/2016/01/28/update/
> A quick summary:
>   * Since ORCONF we are now a legal body
>   * We will have a main track talk at FOSDEM this weekend
>   * Our main project this year is a community hub on the internet for
> the FOSSi community: LibreCores. More updates coming soon.
>   * Find an informal FOSSi definition here:
> http://fossi-foundation.org/fossi.html
> Best,
> Stefan
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