[Librecores Discussion] GSoC: Requesting feedback on EDSAC on FPGA proposal draft

Hatim Kanchwala hatim at hatimak.me
Sat Apr 1 15:09:23 CEST 2017


Please find here (https://goo.gl/3q0uKa) the draft version of my GSoC
proposal for the project titled "EDSAC Museum on FPGA".

I have several queries -

1. Hosting on GitHub
I have assumed that the code will be hosted on GitHub, in a public
repository under the student's GitHub handle. Please let me know if this

2. Open-source Licence
I have chosen to use the GNU GPL v3 licence for this work. Please let me
know if this okay.

3. The timeline is not as detailed as per my tastes, but I believe going
into deeper depths to define it would be a bit premature at this stage.
Usually in GSoC, at the end of the community bonding period students are
expected to have very fine tuned timelines and goals. Please let me know
if you are okay with the proposed timeline.

4. I have included several comments in the Google Doc itself because it
felt more suitable to place them there. Please have a look at those and
let me know our thoughts there.

The proposal currently has all the important sections prepared, but some
minor ones still need to be drafted. I would like to express my deepest
apology for requesting feedback on an incomplete draft. I have been
working at it non-stop for the past 2 days (with minimal breaks for
sleep and meals). Drafting the proposal turned out to be even more of a
tedious task than I imagined, and that is why I couldn't send in the
draft earlier. (It is already 15 pages long and is not yet fully complete!)

I request you to kindly provide feedback on the proposal. Due to an
urgent unavoidable event at my college, I will be unable to work on my
proposal until late tonight (IST). However, I will be able to receive
mails, but respond only to Google Doc comments.

I would again like to apologise for rushing things like this, requesting
feedback on a slightly incomplete proposal, and probably causing you
inconvenience on a weekend. Please forgive me and do provide your
feedback as I am short on time.

Thank you for your time.

Hatim Kanchwala
Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Patna
hatim at hatimak.me, hatim.ee14 at iitp.ac.in (University)
(+91) 966 5154 719

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