[Librecores Discussion] 6 projects in Google Summer of Code 2017

Stefan Wallentowitz stefan at wallentowitz.de
Sat May 6 17:08:03 CEST 2017

On 06.05.2017 17:01, Martin d'Anjou wrote:

> IMO, students should introduce themselves on this mailing list, with a
> specific "[GSoC2017] Project Name" subject. They could use this as their
> own thread for announcing milestones, blog posts, etc. I prefer detailed
> discussions to also be held in public, and gitter is a good choice to me.
> What did you do last year? What do others think?

It was kind of this. We asked the students to publish their progress in
a blog and give updates to this list. It's a bit of a problem that we
are more of an umbrella organization, but I fully agree that we should
in the next weeks get up the details for each project how to follow the
students' progress, get involved etc. in a better form than last year.


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