[Librecores Discussion] [GSoC2017] What are your Verilog coding recommendations?

Martin d'Anjou martin.danjou14 at gmail.com
Wed May 31 04:49:35 CEST 2017

On 17-05-30 02:33 PM, Amitosh Swain Mahapatra wrote:
> ANTLR used to bundle a Verilog grammar, but I cannot find it at the
> moment. 

I think it was written for ANTLR 1 or 2, which I would never use: ANTLR
4 is way better than its predecessors.

Recently I ran across these two SystemVerilog repositories, the first
one seems more active:
* https://github.com/MikePopoloski/slang
* https://github.com/svstuff/systemverilog


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