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Some additional considerations:

Glitchless muxing::    Pads must never glitch when switched.

Request/Grant handshake::  Multiple requests can occur at the same time and
control goes to the highest priority.
A grant signal notifies the winner and losing input pads are driven to a
specified value (1,0 ,other signal)

Fast path for main function::  The pads main function is the most important
signal but it only controls the pad when no one
else wants it. You want it one mux level from the pad and must not have to
go through a bunch of muxes.

Jtag mode:: Boundary scan must test mission mode signals going to pad

Test mode:: For any and all scan,mbist or test signals. Must not go through
jtag Boundary scan.

Reset mode: Forces pad into reset state during power on reset

John Eaton
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