[Librecores Discussion] wishbone evolution

Stefan Wallentowitz stefan at fossi-foundation.org
Fri Oct 18 13:10:21 CEST 2019

Hi everyone,

Tristan and I have converted the Wishbone spec into a more
editor-friendly format (rst). Tristan has thankfully already reviewed
the document and you can find the current release candidate for the 3.1
in the github repository:


Please suggest changes via PRs in the next three weeks. You can also
create a placeholder PR and fill it later to raise a concern or feature.
Generic discussion should probably be on this mailing list.

You can find HTML and PDF of the release candidate here:

I would love to have supporting material released along the new spec,
like formal models, updated cocotb models, standard bus bridges etc.
Contributions are highly welcome!

Stefan Wallentowitz
Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation, https://fossi.foundation

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