[Embench] Notes from Monthly conference call 19 Aug 2019

Jeremy Bennett jeremy.bennett at embecosm.com
Tue Aug 20 18:52:03 CEST 2019

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Hi all,

Here are the notes from yesterday's monthly call. As agreed they are
being distributed through the mailing list.

Peter Torelli of EEMBC and Bill McSpadden of Seagate were welcomed as
new participants.

1. Sysadmin
- -----------

Noted that the mailing list sign up explicitly commits participants to
following the FOSSi code of conduct.

2. Build system
- ---------------

The new Python build system is now available as a pull request on the
embecosm-iot repository:


Feedback from the community is encouraged. Jon Taylor of Arm noted the
need for an "empty" benchmark to facilitate size measurement. Jon has
also previously provided valuable input to the scripts.

3. Website analytics
- --------------------

ACTION: Cesare Garlati (HexFive) was delegated to liaise with Stefan
Wallentowitz and Philipp Wagner of FOSSi over appropriate integration
of website analytics.

4. Publicity
- ------------

Talks have been submitted to the RISC-V Summit (Speaker Dave
Patterson, decision soon), Embedded World (Speaker Dave Patterson, to
be reviewed in September) and ORConf (Speaker Jeremy Bennett). Jeremy
Bennett will speak at the GNU Tools Cauldron in Montreal in September.
The community is encouraged to seek speaking opportunities at other

(post meeting note: The ORConf talk has been accepted, and will be
presented in Bordeaux in late September).

5. Update on benchmarks
- -----------------------

Jon Taylor has discussed the potential use of their crypto code as a
benchmark with the mbed team, and it looks like it should be
sufficiently portable. He will follow-up on this.

A call has recently been made on the mailing list for help with a
Bluetooth benchmark, but no take up yet.

There has been no take up on developing Cesare Garlati's context
switching benchmark. It was agreed that an Arm version would add
greatly to credibility

ACTION: Cesare Garlati to transfer the context switching benchmark
framework repository to the Embench organization on GitHub

(post meeting note: Transfer has been completed, with Cesare as Admin:

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett to approach Mark Corbin of Embecosm who has a
background in Arm assembly code to see if he can provide a version for

6. Process and documentation
- ----------------------------

Jon Taylor is waiting formal approval from Arm legal. He and Dave
Patterson will then work together on updated documentation.

7. More data
- ------------

Now the build system is available, Jeremy Bennett will work on getting
more data, particularly from physical hardware. Cesare Garlati will
help with this work.

Data from the rest of the community is encouraged.

- --------

Peter Torelli summarized the work of EEMBC since its creation in 1997,
and initiated a discussion on how Embench and EEMBC could work
together. A number of ideas were considered, particularly the
possibility of EEMBC bringing their expertise to the group and
possibly providing a commercial service to validate Embench results.

Peter will take the ideas back to the EEMBC committee and report back
at the next meeting.

9. Future meetings
- ------------------

It was agreed that the group would meet regularly by
tele/videoconference on the third Thursday of each month
8-10am California time. The teleconferencing details will remain the
same for all future meetings.

It was also agreed that going forward all agendas and notes and
discussion arising would be published via the mailing list.

Please let me know of any errors or omissions.

Jeremy Bennett
Embench vice chair and convener

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