[Embench] Embench meeting/call 18 Nov 2019

Jeremy Bennett jeremy.bennett at embecosm.com
Thu Nov 14 19:57:40 CET 2019

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Hi all,

A reminder that our next regular meeting of the Embench group will be
on Monday, 18 November, 8-10am California time.

We will meet using the same Zoom details as before. Please email me if
you do not have them - I am reluctant to post details on an open
mailing list.


1. Actions from previous meeting
- --------------------------------

(to follow - I realize I have not yet circulated the minutes)

2. GitHub pull requests
- -----------------------

Pleasing activity from the community!!!

I have dropped the requirement for a separate ChangeLog file, instead
requiring that the commit log follow ChangeLog conventions. This gets
rid of all the merge conflicts with the ChangeLog file!

The following pull requests have been processed.

https://github.com/embench/embench-iot/pull/14: Fix FP accuracy
- - thanks to Koh Tsune
- - small changes as suggested by Jon Taylor and merged

https://github.com/embench/embench-iot/pull/15: Fix script exception
- - thanks to Koh Tsune
- - merged

https://github.com/embench/embench-iot/pull/17: Remove duplicate PI
- - thanks to Koh Tsune
- - rejected to preserve diversity in the code base as discussed

https://github.com/embench/embench-iot/pull/18: Avoid use of long double
- - thanks to Anton Blanchard
- - rejected to keep long double example in code base

https://github.com/embench/embench-iot/pull/19: use __int128 if available
- - thanks to Anton Blanchard
- - merged

https://github.com/embench/embench-iot/pull/23: Ensure nbody uses its
main function
- - thanks to Koh Tsune for raising issue 16 on this
- - merged

https://github.com/embench/embench-iot/pull/24: Fix bugs in pull req 23
- - thanks to Koh Tsune
- - merged

https://github.com/embench/embench-iot/pull/25: Check Python version
- - thanks to Cooper Qu for raising issue 20 o nthis
- - merged

https://github.com/embench/embench-iot/pull/26: Fix spelling typo
- - thanks to kneta2
- - merged

https://github.com/embench/embench-iot/pull/27: Update documentation
and convert to Markdown
- - thanks to me
- - merged

3. GitHub open issues
- ---------------------

We have two open issues. Comments welcome.


Cooper Qu proposes an enhancement to "freeze" the Python code of the
scripts for portability.


Paul Götzinger gave good feedback on trying to run the benchmarks. We
still need more documentation on how to run benchmarks on different

4. Website analytics
- --------------------

Update from Cesare Garlati

5. Update on benchmarks
- -----------------------

Update on crypto, BluetoothLE benchmarks

Update on porting context switch to Arm.

6. EEMBC process
- ----------------

Jeremy to report on conversation with Peter Torelli.

7. Process and documentation
- ----------------------------

Jon Taylor and Dave Patterson to report on progress with documentation.

8. Publicity
- ------------

I now have control of @EmbenchOrg on Twitter
(https://twitter.com/EmbenchOrg). Let me know if there is anything I
should be tweeting.

All to report on speaking and other publicity opportunities.

I propose submitting a main track talk to FOSDEM (1-2 February,
Brussels) on Embench. There is fierce competition for these slots. It
is a big audience (5-8k attendees, 1,500 seater lecture theatre, live
streamed). Who should be the speaker?

I'll also submit a talk on using Embench to evaluate LLVM to the

9. More data
- ------------

I hope to report a set of data on code size for ARC, Arm and RISC-V
for a range of architecture variants.

10. Next meeting
- ---------------

We meet regularly on the third Thursday of each month 8-10am
California time. Our next meeting will be Monday 16 December.

11. AOB
- ------

Best wishes,

Vice chair

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