[Embench] Embench meeting/call 16 Sep 2019

Jeremy Bennett jeremy.bennett at embecosm.com
Sat Oct 12 22:19:44 CEST 2019

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Hi all,

A reminder that our next regular meeting of the Embench group will be
on Monday, 21 October, 8-10am California time.

We will meet using the same Zoom details as before. Please email me if
you do not have them - I am reluctant to post details on an open
mailing list. Note that I'm on vacation this week, but will get
information to you by 20 October.


1. GitHub pull requests
- -----------------------

We have two pull requests for reviewing

The first is a trivial clean up of the python code. I'd appreciate
someone just double checking it is good:


The other is a significant contribution to fix problems with floating
point in some of the benchmarks


Again, I'd appreciate feedback.

2. Website analytics
- --------------------

Update from Cesare Garlati

3. Update on benchmarks
- -----------------------

Jon Taylor and Cesare Garlati to update on crypto benchmarks.

Jon Taylor's work with Embench and arm has identified a number of
problems with floating point in the benchmarks (even though these are
integer benchmarks, there is a small amount of floating point). This
has been discussed on the mailing list, leading to the pull request
mentioned above.

Ofer Shinaar has identified a possible source of a Bluetooth LE benchmark.

Jeremy Bennett to report on progress porting the context switch
benchmark to arm.

4. EEMBC process
- ----------------

Peter Torelli to update.

I received comments at the recent ORConf meeting on the need for a
credible organization to be able to validate Embench results.

5. Process and documentation
- ----------------------------

Jon Taylor and Dave Patterson to report on progress with documentation.

6. Publicity
- ------------

All to report on speaking and other publicity opportunities.

Jeremy Bennett presented Embench at the GNU Tools Cauldron in Montreal
and ORConf in Bordeaux. On both occasions, the presentation was well
received and there were many questions. The ORConf meeting featured
some challenging questions over the choice of geomean/geosd.

7. More data
- ------------

Any reports on new data points.

8. Next meeting
- ---------------

We meet regularly on the third Thursday of each month 8-10am
California time. Our next meeting will be Monday 18 November.

9. AOB
- ------

Best wishes,

Vice chair

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