[Embench] Notes from Embench call 16 Dec 2019

Jeremy Bennett jeremy.bennett at embecosm.com
Fri Jan 17 18:34:30 CET 2020

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Hi all,

These are the notes from last month's meeting.

2. GitHub pull requests
- -----------------------

Pull request 29 from Ola Jepsson was approved, so long as it was not
the default.

3. New GitHub issues
- --------------------

Bruce Hoult has offered a new computational program. It was proposed
that a new branch be started to collect programs for use in future
releases of Embench, with this as the first program.

4. Website analytics
- --------------------

Server side analytics are now working and will be reported at the next

5. New baseline
- ---------------

It was agreed that the Arm Cortex M4 was a more appropriate baseline
for the benchmark. Jon Taylor had provided some advice on the need to
accurately specify the M4 variant used, and in particular not to use
hardware floating point.

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett to report Arm data at the next meeting.

6. Update on benchmarks
- -----------------------

Dave Patterson presented new data at the RISC-V Summit, including on
code size of RV32E.

- --------

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett and Roger Shepherd to attempt to re-establish

9. Publicity
- ------------

ACTION: Cesare Garlati will increase our publicity
- - reach out to provide appropriate media with data for Embedded World
under embargo

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett to generate the data points for Embedded World.

ACTION: Dave Patterson to submit a paper to Hot Chips

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett to follow up an invitation from Cool Chips

ACTION: Cesare Garlati to reach out to Arm TechCon and Linaro
Foundation Conference about presenting this year.

The website needs to link to data on the results repository.

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett and Dave Patterson to send Cesare Garlati their
RISC-V Summit slides for adding to the website.

ACTION: Cesare Garlati to provide more content for the website.

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett to talk to Stefan Wallentowitz about adding a
Twitter feed to the website.

10 More data
- ------------

There is now a proof of concept repository for results.

11. Next meeting
- ----------------

08:00 California time on Monday 20 January.

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett to publish list of dates of meetings during 2020.

Best wishes,


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