[Embench] Embench meeting/call 20 Jan 2020

Jeremy Bennett jeremy.bennett at embecosm.com
Sun Jan 19 13:17:36 CET 2020

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Hi all,

A reminder that our next regular meeting of the Embench group will be
on Monday, 20 December, 8-10am California time.

We will meet using the same Zoom details as before. Please email me if
you do not have them - I am reluctant to post details on an open
mailing list.


1. Actions from previous meeting
- --------------------------------

We shall pick these up through the agenda.

2. GitHub pull requests
- -----------------------

Ola Jepsson has made some changes to his pull request approved last
meeting, which I hope to have merged by the time of the call.

3. New GitHub issues
- --------------------

We have one new issue since our last call from


This indicates a problems with the python scripts, but more generally
with the complexity of configuration.

4. Website analytics
- --------------------

Update from Cesare Garlati

5. Update on benchmarks
- -----------------------

All to report

6. EEMBC process
- ----------------

Roger Shepherd and Jeremy Bennett to report on their outstanding
action to try to re-engage with Peter Torelli.

7. Process and documentation
- ----------------------------

Jon Taylor and Dave Patterson to report on progress with documentation.

8. Publicity
- ------------

The official launch of Embench will be at Embedded World, 25-27
February. Our next meeting on 17 February will sign off the release
versions, all based on the new Arm Cortex M4 baseline.

As agreed, the data will be kept confidential until that date to
maximize impact, and shared with key journalists under embargo.

Jeremy Bennett is presenting Embench to the RISC-V London meetup
hosted by the British Computer Society.

All to advise on other publicity opportunities.

9. More data
- ------------

Last meeting we approved the change to the Arm Cortex M4, suitable
tightly specified, as baseline. We already have size data for this

Paolo Savini has been working on getting baseline speed data and will
report on progress using an ST Microelectronics Discovery board.

10. Next meeting
- ---------------

We meet regularly on the third Monday of each month 8-10am
California time. Our future meetings will be
- - Mon 17 Feb 2020.
- - Mon 16 Mar 2020
- - Mon 20 Apr 2020
- - Mon 18 May 2020
- - Mon 15 Jun 2020
- - Mon 20 Jul 2020
- - Mon 17 Aug 2020
- - Mon 21 Sep 2020
- - Mon 19 Oct 2020
- - Mon 16 Nov 2020
- - Mon 21 Dec 2020

After the launch of Embench in late February, we may want to consider
whether monthly meetings are needed - we may want to drop to quarterly
meetings, at least until closer to the next release.

I've been asked to create a calendar entry for our regular attendees,
to provide automated reminders. I shall do this.

11. AOB
- -------

Best wishes,

Jeremy Bennett
Vice chair

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