[Embench] Notes from Embench call 17 Feb 20

Jeremy Bennett jeremy.bennett at embecosm.com
Tue Mar 3 17:49:55 CET 2020

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Hi all,

These are the notes from last month's meeting, summarizing actions.
The meetings was relatively brief because it was Presidents' Day in
the USA.

2. GitHub pull requests
- -----------------------

The following pull requests have been merged, with thanks to all those
who contributed.


ACTION: Jeremy Bennett. The following pull request to provide ARM
Cortex M4 support requires more work, but must be merged before
release of Embench 0.5 at Embedded World on 27 February:


4. Website analytics
- --------------------

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett to progress better website analytics with
Stefan Wallentowitz.

5. EEMBC process
- ----------------

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett to meet with Peter Torelli at Embedded World.

6. Update on benchmarks
- -----------------------

Paolo Savini presented the provisional new baseline results using the
Cortex M4 running on a STMicroelectronics STM4 Discovery Board. These
are based on official releases of GCC (9.2), binutils (2.32) and
newlib (3.3).

After final review, these results will go upstream to the GitHub
repository to coincide with the official launch of Embench 0.5.

7. Process and documentation
- ----------------------------

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett to merge updates from David Patterson and Jon
Taylor prior to the Embench 0.5 release.

8. Publicity
- ------------

Embench 0.5, with Arm Cortex M4 as baseline is to be launched at
Embedded World with a presentation on Thursday 27 February 2020.

ACTION: Jeremy Bennett to investigate channels for press release for
Embedded World. David Patterson to write text of press release.

ACTION: David Patterson to prepare a paper for HotChips in August 2020
after reviewing the success of Embedded World (deadline 23 March).

ACTION (ongoing): Jon Taylor to advise when to submit proposal to
speak at Arm TechCon in autumn 2020.

9. Next meeting
- ---------------

Next meeting is Monday 9 March 8-10am California time.

NOTE: This is a change, since David Patterson will be away at a
conference on the previously advertised date.

Future meetings in 2020 will be
- - Mon 20 Apr 2020
- - Mon 18 May 2020
- - Mon 15 Jun 2020
- - Mon 20 Jul 2020
- - Mon 17 Aug 2020
- - Mon 21 Sep 2020
- - Mon 19 Oct 2020
- - Mon 16 Nov 2020
- - Mon 21 Dec 2020

A decision on whether monthly meetings are needed post-launch will be
taken at the March meeting.

Best wishes,




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