[Embench] PR - RV interrupt latency benchmark proposal

Jon Taylor Jon.Taylor at arm.com
Fri Nov 13 09:00:48 CET 2020

Hi Ronen,

Thanks for sharing this. Please can you clarify the macros M_PSP_PUSH and M_PSP_POP? I can’t see them in the embench tree anywhere. I assume they’re some sort of context save/restore.

What I would observe is that by stopping the timer as soon as you enter the ASM interrupt handler, there’s no timing of a C prologue that you’d need if the handler was a c-function (or called into a c-function). Would it be more representative to stop the timer once the code has reached the specific C handler function?



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Hi All,

I’ve created a PR https://github.com/embench/embench-context-latency/pull/1
Your comments would be much appreciated.


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