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Ofer Shinaar Ofer.Shinaar at wdc.com
Mon Jun 21 13:16:41 CEST 2021

On 21/06/2021 13:45, Jeremy Bennett wrote:

On 17/06/2021 14:20, Ronen Haen wrote:


What should I fill in the ‘caches’ field under the
embench-iot-results/results/my-results.json file?

Should it be size of type of cache?

Hi Ronen,

It's a text field, so I suggest size and type of Icache and Dcache would
be suitable.

Best wishes,


Hi Jeremy,

We will add: "Icache 8K/4 ways"
btw we also have a "branch predictor" (GSHARE/BTB=128/BHT=512) should it be mentioned/included?


  "platform information" :

  { "nominal clock rate (MHz)" : 50,

    "max clock rate (MHz)" : "n/a",

    "isa" : "RV32IMACZb",

    "address size (bits)" : 32,

    "processor name" : "SWERV EH2",

    "processor version" : "EH2 revision 1.2 (PRM March 28,2020)",

    "number of enabled cores" : 1,

    "hardware threads per core" : 2,

    "caches": "n/a",                                       <- -

    "thermal design power" : "n/a",

    "program memory size (kB)" : 64000,

    "data memory size (kB)" : 64000,



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