[Embench] Adding WD compiler test-cases to Embench

Ray Simar ray.simar at rice.edu
Sun Nov 14 15:24:42 CET 2021

Hi Pavel,

This sounds very exciting.  I look forward to hearing more. 

All the best,

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> On Nov 14, 2021, at 8:11 AM, Pavel Tikhonov <pavel.tikhonov at wdc.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I would like to engage into an action item related to creating a new repo for compiler test-cases following Jun MM.
> I would like to add WD benchmarks for compilers to Embench. It will be a new repo on Embench github (probably named embench/compiler-code-density, but I am sure there is a better name).
> For the most part, it will follow https://github.com/westerndigitalcorporation/riscv32-Code-density-test-bench, including build methodology.
> A python script will run to all the test cases and produce dump files.
> I am starting with GCC and LLVM for RISC-V. If the resulting code is not executed (which is reasonable for code-density benchmarks), adding ARM to the test cases is relatively easy.
> It would be great to discuss these issues tomorrow.
> Best
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