[Embench] Build system and embench-compiler-tests

Ofer Shinaar Ofer.Shinaar at wdc.com
Sun Oct 24 13:08:47 CEST 2021

Hi Jeremy,

Following the last meeting MM<https://github.com/embench/embench-meetings/blob/main/meetings/2021/2021-10-18-minutes.md> regarding the build system, I want to emphasize that one of the reasons we all wanted a build system is to have a unified build system in all Embench repos.

We currently have the `Python Script-based` build system in embench-iot and the `Makefile` build system in emenech-rt (initially started by Cesare).

Soon, we may have another one, Python-SCons build system for a new repo embench-compiler-tests<https://lists.librecores.org/pipermail/embench/2021-May/000127.html>.

Regarding embench-compiler-tests<https://lists.librecores.org/pipermail/embench/2021-May/000127.html>, following Roger's request from May, we waited to see if people wanted to assess compiler maturity.

We wanted to start this effort very soon, but given the low attention, maybe we should put it in the drawer?




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