[Open SoC Debug] Queries Regarding GSoC and Open SoC

Philipp Wagner mail at philipp-wagner.com
Thu Feb 22 16:41:31 CET 2018

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Hi Anant,

both projects you chose require a bit more advanced understanding of 
Verilog and system-on-chip hardware design. I'm not sure if you'll be 
able to successfully complete these projects by reading your resume, but 
there is an easy way to figure it out yourself: trying!

 From the two projects you mentioned I'd recommend taking the 
run-control debug (GDB) one, since that should be easier to get started 

To see if you'll be able to make yourself at home at a larger code base, 
please try to setup OpTiMSoC (which contains Open SoC Debug) and work 
through the tutorials. You can find the instructions here: 
https://www.optimsoc.org/docs/master/user_guide/installation.html (Note 
that currently the dependency installation documentation seems to be not 
updated from the source, you can find the correct documents regarding 
this part here: 

For the OSD run-control GSoC task you don't need an FPGA board, all work 
can be done in simulation using Verilator. Hence it's sufficient to work 
through the Verilator examples in OpTiMSoC.

So: give it a try and let me know if you face any problems along the way.



On 02/20/2018 11:33 AM, Anant Sharma wrote:
> I am sorry, that was my bad.
> Anant Sharma,
> 2016129,
> BTech - ECE,
> IIIT Delhi,
> Ph: 9718827023
> On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 2:30 AM, Philipp Wagner <mail at philipp-wagner.com 
> <mailto:mail at philipp-wagner.com>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I think you forgot the attachment?
>     Philipp
>     On 02/20/2018 10:08 AM, Anant Sharma wrote:
>         Hi Philipp,
>         I am Anant Sharma from IIIT Delhi pursuing my Bachelor's Degree
>         in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Its been 6 months
>         since I have started working on FPGA boards and have a basic to
>         intermediate understanding of Verilog. I have done some lab
>         projects on FPGAs which included projects which had
>         implementations of finite state machines and use of external
>         elements like PMOD Keypads and External 7 segment display.
>         I am interested in learning more and expanding my experience
>         with Embedded Systems and not just use my previous knowledge to
>         contribute something. I want to contribute to the community and
>         in turn learn something for myself. So from my last semester, I
>         have started developing interest in the field of Systems and
>         took up some classes about operating systems. Other than that, I
>         know how to code in the C language but haven't had good projects
>         where I used the language extensively.
>         I have achieved a lot of projects (check out my attached resume)
>         but the above were more relevant to the projects I am talking to
>         you about. I am very interested in the Open SoC debug: Run
>         Control Debugging and Trace logging to memory projects. All I
>         understand before any contact with anyone regarding the project
>         is the problem statement and the workflow that the project will
>         require.
>         Honestly, I picked up one of the ideas from the list which I
>         thought were awesome if they are completed as I myself
>         understand the wide applications and scope. I am very interested
>         but I am not sure of exactly how would I proceed. It would be
>         great if you can guide me. It would be great if you could help
>         me get started.
>         Thank You,
>         Regards,
>         Anant Sharma
>         Undergraduate Student
>         Electronics and Communication
>         IIIT Delhi

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