[Open SoC Debug] Queries Regarding GSoC and Open SoC

Philipp Wagner philipp.wagner at tum.de
Wed Feb 28 17:48:18 CET 2018

On 02/28/2018 02:42 PM, Anant Sharma wrote:
> Hi,
> I am getting the following error when I m trying to build and run 
> verilator simulation of a compute tile. PFA the log file. I have created 
> the variables OPTISOC_SOURCE and FUSESOC_CORES and it is still not 
> working out. Any advise?

Please have another look at 

0) Source the optimsoc-environment.sh file (that's always required when 
working with OpTimSoC.)

source your/optimsoc/installation/path/optimsoc-environment.sh

1) Set OPTIMSOC_SOURCE variable (with 'M'!) to your optimsoc source 
tree, e.g. if you did the git clone into your home directory 
src/optimsoc, then run

export OPTIMSOC_SOURCE=$HOME/src/optimsoc

2) Then run fusesoc to build the simulation:
fusesoc --cores-root $OPTIMSOC_SOURCE/examples sim --build-only 

Note that you need to repeat steps 0 and 1 in every new console (or 
place these two commands in your ~/.bashrc file).

Does that help?


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