[Open SoC Debug] Queries Regarding GSoC and Open SoC

Anant Sharma anant16129 at iiitd.ac.in
Wed Feb 28 20:01:18 CET 2018

> Thanks for the log. Please check two things:
> - Is the optimsoc installation in /opt/optimsoc/2016.1 built from source
> or downloaded as release? Please make sure that it is built from source
> and actually the same checkout you're using the examples from (the
> master branch).
Yes, I think it wasn't built from source, it was downloaded as a release. I
am sure
about using the examples from the master branch. I will update you when

> - What version of fusesoc are you running? You can check by running
> 'fusesoc --version'. Make sure you're using either the latest version or
> at least fusesoc 1.7. (pip install should give you fusesoc 1.8
> currently, which works fine).
I used pip3 install only, version 1.8

- Anant
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