[Open SoC Debug] Queries Regarding GSoC and Open SoC

Anant Sharma anant16129 at iiitd.ac.in
Mon Mar 12 07:07:08 CET 2018

So here is what the problem is, the ports i mentioned above are
instantiated to
mor1kx as the parameters of the 'du_'s you mentioned and given is a
that tells me that I am receiving nothing in those parameters. I know the
I have to make, but I need to know the current program counter to set

>> input         dbg_stall_i, // External Stall Input
>> input         dbg_ewt_i, // External Watchpoint Trigger Input
>> output [3:0]  dbg_lss_o, // External Load/Store Unit Status
>> output [1:0]  dbg_is_o, // External Insn Fetch Status
>> output [10:0] dbg_wp_o, // Watchpoints Outputs
>> output        dbg_bp_o, // Breakpoint Output
>> input         dbg_stb_i, // External Address/Data Strobe
>> input         dbg_we_i, // External Write Enable
>> input [31:0]  dbg_adr_i, // External Address Input
>> input [31:0]  dbg_dat_i, // External Data Input
>> output [31:0] dbg_dat_o, // External Data Output
>> output        dbg_ack_o, // External Data Acknowledge (not WB compatible)
> These signals are the read/write ports for the debug registers.

Well as gtkwave suggests, these ports do not receive any information
the execution of the program. That is the part I was confused about in my
email since I wasn't able to receive any data from anywhere.

Anant Sharma
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